Awareness of Male Incontinence and Correct Waste Disposal

At Hygenie, we think it’s important to talk about male incontinence and the correct disposal of washroom waste, so people have a better understanding of the subject.

What is Male Incontinence?

Male incontinence is a common condition that can affect men of all ages and has various causes. It can also significantly impact a man’s quality of life and daily activities.

Male incontinence can have a big impact on a man’s emotional well-being and lifestyle and can cause some men embarrassment, shame, and a loss of self-esteem. It can also cause men to avoid social activities, limit their travel and even experience discomfort and inconvenience in their daily routine.

Our sanitary units

Hygenie continuously work hard to ensure that men who suffer with incontinence feel as comfortable as possible when using public washrooms.

Therefore, we provide sanitary units to businesses to ensure men as well as women have places to discreetly dispose of any waste, such as absorbent pads, when using public washrooms.

Our standard unit is a white compact, 15 litre capacity, hands free sanitary unit which will fit into even the smallest of toilets. It has a discreet modesty flap and no rims to ensure a clean finish. This unit is also available in 20 litre capacity for busier premises that need a larger capacity.

Our Sanitary Unit Servicing

With our sanitary units we also offer sanitary unit servicing to ensure businesses comply with all the necessary legislation relating to washrooms and clinical waste. The service is carried out by placing an antimicrobial liner in the unit.

This is the first hygiene sanitary waste liner incorporating Biomaster antimicrobial silver ion protection and odour eliminating technology.

Biomaster provides 24/7 protection against bacterial build up from harmful germs such as MRSA, E, Coli and Legionella giving safe, effective and permanent protection. It works by reducing the growth of bacteria both inside and outside of the liner. A pleasing fragrance is provided by use of additional scent additives. The units are also fully cleaned and sanitised on each service.

Why is Proper Waste Disposal Important?

Waste disposal of male incontinence products, such as absorbent pads or underwear, is an essential aspect of managing male incontinence effectively while maintaining good hygiene and environmental responsibility. Proper disposal not only helps prevent odours within washrooms, but also ensures that waste is managed in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Talk to Our Friendly Team

Would you like more information about our sanitary bins and waste disposal services? Please contact our team based in the Midlands, we’d be happy to chat through what we can do for you.

We offer sanitary bins and waste disposal services in Birmingham, Oxford, Leicester, Warwickshire, Northampton, Nottingham and Coventry.

We also offer other washroom services, including air purifiers, hand dryers, urinal units, janitorial supplies and more.

Read our testimonials to find out what our customers have to say or find out more about us.

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