Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser Range & More

Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser Range & More Hygenie Birmingham UK

From a wall mounted soap dispenser to auto soap dispensers and children’s soap dispensers, Hygenie offer the newest and most efficient soap dispensers for commercial washrooms. We are based in the Midlands in Nuneaton and work across Birmingham, Coventry, Oxford, Warwickshire, Leicester, Northampton, Nottingham and further afield, between Manchester and London.

FACT – regular hand washing can decrease bacteria on hands by up to 50%

Hygenie offer a range of commercial soap dispensers including:

SFX Soap Dispenser

  • Wall mounted luxury foaming soap in an 800ml 2,000 dose cartridge.
  • Available as antibacterial.
  • Available in white white/chrome or black/chrome.

Auto wall mounted soap dispensor Hygenie Birmingham UK

Auto Soap – Wall mounted soap dispenser

  • The auto soap dispensers provide an ultra hygienic solution for handwashing.
  • The infrared technology gives a fast dose delivery for a fantastic no-touch soap dispensing experience.
  • Available with liquid or foaming soap.
  • Available in white, satin chrome or bright chrome.

Classic Direct Fill or Foaming Soap

  • Classic soap dispenser – wall mounted luxury foaming soap either cartridge or direct fill. Also available as antibacterial.
  • Available in white, designer and bright chrome.
Classic Soap Dispenser Hygenie Birmingham UK
Classic Soap Dispenser Hygenie Birmingham UK
Classic Soap Dispenser Hygenie Birmingham UK

Bracket Soap & Hand Lotion

We supply a bracketed soap dispenser which is available for a luxury soap range to include a hand lotion. This is available then in direct fill.

Bracket soap and hand lotion Hygenie Birmingham UK

Engineering Soap

For industrial environments we supply an industrial hand cleaner, which is solvent free and removes oils, greases and other medium to hard soiling products.

Engine soap dispenser Hygenie Birmingham UK

Mr Soapy Children’s Soap

This dispensing soap system comes in bright colours, especially designed with children in mind, to encourage hand washing.

Mr soap children's soap dispenser

Hand Sanitiser Units

Bacteria is a major cause for virtually all respiratory and gastrointenstinal illnesses.

In order to maintain a healthy immune system, it is vital to limit the amount of known harmful bacteria in your environment.

Hand sanitisers are an effective way to clean your hands without the need for soap and water. Hygenie hand sanitisers are provided in the three colour ranges, white, designer and chrome. They are effective at killing 99% of germs in just 15 seconds.

If you’re looking for high quality wall mounted soap dispenser or any other washroom services, please contact our friendly team. We’re based in the Midlands and work for clients between London and Manchester, many are situated in Birmingham, Nuneaton, Coventry, Oxford, Warwickshire, Leicester, Northampton and Nottingham. Learn about the other washroom services we offer such as nappy waste disposal, hand dryers, sanitising and urinal units, urinal sleeves and more.

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