Consumables & Janitorial Supplies in Birmingham

Our janitorial supplies include toilet products, from hand towels and toilet tissue to first aid kits and soap.

We pride ourselves on our prompt delivery service and we regularly conduct price checks with our suppliers to guarantee that you receive the best value for your janitorial supplies and products.

We have a selection of offerings to include roller towels, paper towels, pod dispensers and toilet paper. Here’s a breakdown of each offering:

Roller Towels:

  • We provide roller towel cabinets with a convenient weekly laundry service.
  • Roller towels are known for their exceptional absorbency.
  • Cabinets are available in white and chrome finishes.

Paper Towel and autocut dispenser

  • We offer a two-fold paper towel dispenser with a single-sheet dispensing system for effective hand drying.
  • The dispenser is robust and features a unique paper towel tray to minimise consumable wastage.
  • Available in white, satin chrome, and bright chrome.
  • We also have a slimline paper towel dispenser that holds 375 sheets and offers self-presenting single sheet dispensing. These dispensers are DDA compliant and among the slimmest on the market.
  • We provide an Autocut dispenser and a Bamboo roll towel dispenser as well.

Toilet Paper

  • There are two main types of toilet roll dispensers we offer, a Mini Jumbo dispenser that accommodates rolls with a core diameter of 56-62mm and an external diameter of up to 280mm.
  • Additionally, the Ecomatic Sugarcane Toilet Roll dispenser. This dispenser uses sustainable sugarcane paper and features an internal feed restrictor to reduce usage and prevent theft or damage. One case of FIG Ecomatic toilet roll is said to last as long as 72 rolls of 150-meter jumbo rolls, making it a more sustainable option.

If you require supplies for your washroom, please get in touch with Hygenie. We are based in the Midlands and supply organisations such as Hospitals, Schools, Offices, Universities, Hotels and Leisure Centres. We offer janitorial supplies in Birmingham, Coventry, Nuneaton, Oxford, Warwickshire, Leicester, Northampton, Nottingham and across much of the UK.

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