Hands, Face, Space and… Wash your Mask!

Wearing a face mask has become part of the ‘new normal’, and looks like it will stay that way for some time to come. In July 2020, it became a condition to wear a face covering in indoor spaces. But how often do you wash your reusable masks? Do you bin your disposables after each use? Here’s some shocking statistics and advice on face masks…

The Statistics

A recent poll by YouGov found that up to 85% of us aren’t washing our reusable face coverings properly in between uses. And even more surprisingly, 15% have never washed their mask! 

And of those who are washing their reusable face masks, only 13% of people are washing them often enough and in the correct way...

The Importance of Mask Hygiene

Ensuring you are correctly washing your reusable face mask is so important. Your face mask is mostly there to protect others around you. It is used to prevent you breathing out the virus and passing it to others if you’re sick or asymptomatic. If you don’t wash your mask regularly, the virus will stay inside your mask. Just like you wash your hands, you should wash your mask for the same reason.

(Another reason to wash your mask is to get rid of the build up of bacteria, which can cause acne and blackheads!)

Disposable Face Masks

Disposable masks are called disposable for a reason. They’re only designed for one use, so please remember to dispose of it as soon as you’ve taken it off. It’s really handy to have a box of disposable masks in the car, or a few spare in your bag so you’re not tempted to reuse the same one.

The Do’s & Don’ts When Washing Your Reusable Mask


  • Wash your face mask regularly, ideally daily. It’s useful to have more than one available
  • Wash your mask in 60 degree water
  • Use a simple washing detergent works very well (such as your normal washing products or washing up liquid)
  • Store your mask in a container, and not at the bottom of your bag. But it’s important to wipe and clean this container regularly.


  • Wash your mask in boiling water. This could damage the fabric
  • Wash your mask regularly in disinfectant, as the product can stay in the fibre of the mask which could be inhaled
  • Store your mask at the bottom of your handbag, in your pocket or a glovebox. Make sure to put it in a clean container!

We hope this has helped! 

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