Our innovative products for use during Coronavirus and beyond

Is your organisation currently open or recently reopened? Hygenie are here to help with the battle against Coronavirus (COVID-19). We have a range of sanitising dispenser solutions and a range of innovative walk on mats emphasising The Public Health England directives.

If you are a key worker business still open or a business looking to future proof your facilities for a return to work, we’d be delighted to help you. Please see below a range of products – and don’t forget to get in touch with our friendly team to find out more.

Cleaning & Sanitising Stations

Cleaning & Sanitising Stations

Cleaning & Sanitising Stations

Our cleaning and sanitising stations are an ‘all-in-one’ solution. They have sections to hold disposable gloves, hand sanitiser, paper towels and sanitising spray. There is
also a waste bin attached to the bottom for used paper towels.

Each of our cleaning and sanitising stations have space at the top for an a4 company poster, designed to be eye catching and on brand. When your station is placed inareas with high footfall, it attracts the attention of staff and visitors and reminds them of hygiene and safety. They’re suitable for shops, warehouses, care homes, schools and

Our new cleaning and sanitiser stations are made in the UK from formed sheet steel.

stand sanitiser

Sanitiser Stands

Ideal for reception areas and key entrance areas for all sites. Choice of 3 stands:

1. Free standing full length steel stand or heavy duty metal stand powder coated to any ral colour

2. Hand sanitiser stand with pump bracket attached to hold large refill bottles of instant hand sanitiser

3. Corian dispenser mounting board with your logo and graphics

hand and surface sanitiser

Hand & Surface Sanitising Stations

Features a surface sanitiser for surface cleaning with a paper towel unit and manual hand sanitiser dispenser.

desktop hand sanitiser

Desktop Auto Hand Sanitiser

Freestanding automatic hand sanitiser unit. This can be branded with your logo and graphics.

hand sanitiser station

Hand Sanitiser Stations

Our manual hand sanitiser can be fitted in lift lobbies, kitchens, classrooms, reception areas etc.
Available with or without a bespoke branded board.


Hygenie Sanitiser Announcer

The world’s first automated spoken and visual reminder to sanitise or wash hands. Uses a PIR sensor to detect people as they pass the sanitiser station, and a voice message is played and an LED light array will highlight your sanitiser dispenser. This product helps safeguard your patients, staff and customers against Coronavirus and other viral/bacterial infections.

Odour Removal & Control Infection Units

Surface Sanitiser

Surface Sanitisers

Our surface sanitisers are available in a range of colour options to suit your facilities surroundings and are an effective way of sanitising workplace hard surfaces. These should ideally be placed next to a paper tissue dispenser.


Airsteril Units

AirSteril units are designed to eliminate offensive odours and to control infections in enclosed spaces. They use dual lamp U/V technology and germicidal irradiation to kill airborne bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi drawn into the equipment either by a fan or by thermal convection.

Airsteril machines can be used in a wide variety of buildings and locations, such as; Care Home communal rooms, corridors, reception areas, changing and locker rooms, offices, kitchen and food preparation areas, surgery waiting rooms, washrooms and nursery environments.

Social Distancing Requirements

Logo Matting

Logo Information Matting

Hygenie have launched a range of Coronavirus information matting. These mats can be rented and regularly laundered or purchased outright. All the designs can be manufactured with your company logo added at no extra cost. Please contact us for more information and to view the full range of options and sizes.

Covid Testing Kits

SARS-Cov 2 Rapid Antigen Test (for Covid 19) x 25

A 5 step point of care testing solution for SARS-CoV-2 (Covid 19), giving a clear result after just 15 minutes.

The test is via a sterile swab inserted into the patients nostril. Rapid testing helps to reduce the risk of further spreading and fast decision making on self isolation or quarantine of individuals.

This testing kit comes with 25 individually packaged tests and all the equipment needed to carry out the test.

Cleaning & Sanitising Products

Surface Sanitiser Sprays

Surface Sanitiser Spray

We are also offering a sanitising spray that kills 99.9% of bacteria including Coronavirus. It is active instantly and offers 5 hours of residual protection, this makes it an ideal solution for a once or twice a day treatment of communal areas in offices.

We suggest that it is used on communal office equipment, i.e. photocopiers, telephones & desks and shared kitchen equipment along with the touch plates on doors etc. It’s also great for use on external intercom systems.

FOR WEB Nordic Chem Antimicrobial Coating

Nordic Chem Antimicrobial Surface Coating

Long-lasting antimicrobial surface coating that bonds to the surfaces. It continues to kill harmful pathogens long after application giving you more confidence and peace of mind. It is proven to kill human coronavirus for 30 days after application. This product is ideal for gyms, hotels, dentists and schools/colleges.

Hand Sanitiser


Portable packs 35ml 100ml

Table top pump dispensers 500ml

5 litre bulk containers

Face Coverings/Protection


Visors Face Protection Visor

Wrap around design with foam brow headband which shields the top and side of your face. The visor fits comfortably over goggles and glasses and features high clarity anti-mist film. Lightweight one size.

£32.00 for 10.


Masks 3ply in 50s

Triple ply protection masks, designed to cover the mouth and nose area.

Lightweight and comfortable, soft and kind to the skin. One size fits all.

£22 per 50.

KN95 Masks

KN95 in 10s

The KN95 Mask is manufactured to give maximum protection. The mask fits snugly around the face to prevent particles and harmful substances from entering your nose and mouth. KN95 face masks are designed to filter out a minimum of 95% of particles, with 5 layers of fabric which make the filtration system highly effective. One size fits all.

£21.00 per 10.


MMXX Increased Protection Antibacterial Filtration Face Mask

The MMXX mask uses micro fibre multi filament hypoallergenic polyamide yarns which do not deteriorate and can be washed and worn day after day.

The natural crimp in the yarns gives a flexible softness at the same time as providing a dense mechanical filtration effect.

Combined with elastomeric yarns almost invisible to the naked eye the gentle stretch characteristics ensure the perfect fit wash after wash.

Knitted on the best high-tech fine gauge seamless machinery with variable tension control the fit around the nose, mouth and under the chin is sealed.

Inhaled and exhaled air passes through the dense fibres in the knitted loops – not like a paper mask where unfiltered air passes both in and out with each breath through poor fit.

The MMXX mask has been specially treated with ANTIBACTERIAL SILVER TREATMENT. This additional defence can last up to 20 washes.

Comes in four colours if you want any let me know they are £7.95 each (blue white or black). Plus one-off delivery charge depending on quantities.

Covid Test Waste Collection & Disposal Service

If you’re Covid testing at your facility, you must dispose of any waste generated with a licenced carrier.

Hygenie offer a safe Covid test collection and disposal service.

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