Championing for better “Away From Home” Toilets with the BTA

The Hygenie team are proud to have just become a member of the British Toilet Association (BTA), and be a part in their mission to make the UK’s toilets better for all…

Who is the BTA?

The BTA is a not-for-profit organisation working to promote the highest possible standards of hygiene and provision in all “away from home” toilet facilities across the United Kingdom.

The need for more and better toilet facilities

Over the last two decades, the number of public facilities in the UK has dropped by 39%, while the population has increased by more than eight million (Guardian, 2020). The BTA themselves say “many of the public toilets that are open display unacceptable levels of cleanliness and hygiene – and the Covid-19 pandemic has only made the situation worse.”

 And there are an increasing number of specialist user groups, whose lives are affected by the state of our country’s public toilets. For example, those with mental or physical disabilities and their carers; the elderly; people with babies or young children and those who are coping with a range of medical conditions.

What are the BTA’s Objectives?

  • To focus attention on issues relating to the provision of public or ‘away from home’ toilets
  • To campaign for appropriate legislation relating to the provision of public toilets by Local Authorities
  • To campaign for high standards of public or ‘away from home’ toilets in all areas, including municipal locations, health, education, transport, leisure, hospitality and retail establishments
  • To campaign for the provision of an adequate number of facilities for women, in relation to the number of facilities provided for men.
  • To campaign for adequate facilities for specialist user groups, such as wheelchair users, the elderly, babies and young children and people with medical conditions.
  • To campaign for the provision of secure, fully attended public toilet facilities, with extended opening hours.
  • To campaign for the eradication of all types of social misuse and vandalism in public toilets.
  • To provide a forum for public toilet providers, contractors, suppliers and users to share concerns and ideas and communicate best practices.
  • To provide consultancy and information services to Association members on a range of relevant subjects.

Why have we become a member?

Being an experienced washroom services provider, we know the importance of providing enough hygienic toilets/washrooms. Both in commercial premises such as in offices, as well as public spaces such as in restaurants, hotels and schools. 

All of our clients are using our services to improve their washrooms, and give their staff and customers a better, more hygienic and more comfortable experience. That’s what we’re all about.

We’ve joined the British Toilet Association because we are aware of the lacking standards the UK has as a whole when it comes to “away from home toilets”, and we want to get behind the BTA in making change happen. 

Where can I learn more?

You can find out more about the BTA’s objectives and their campaigns on their website

Talk to us 

Are you wondering how hygienic your toilet facilities are? You can find lots of guidance on the BTA website, but please do talk to our friendly team too

Based in the Midlands, we work across much of the UK offering an array of Washroom Services. Including sanitary, nappy and medical waste disposal, hand sanitising stations, PPE, Airfresh, air purification units, floor mats, soap dispensers, hand dryers and much more

Our team travel across Birmingham, Coventry, Oxford, Nottingham, Warwickshire, Leicester, Northampton and further afield.

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