Reduce bacteria by 98% in just 5 minutes!

Airsteril is proven to significantly reduce environmental and contact surface microbial contamination, units have been independently laboratory tested demonstrating over 98% reduction in bacteria levels in only 5 minutes, but what does this mean for working environments?

The earliest success for Airsteril unit was in Washrooms, an area we are all aware of odour and hygiene issues. The most noticeable benefit is that there are no nasty smells, but the way the technology achieves this is the key to its infection control properties. Along with unpleasant odours the unit targets bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi meaning the risk from these organisms is constantly being reduced.

Offices suffer a variety of odour issues, from food, waste and often lacking ventilation.  In most workspaces close proximity to other staff, shared meeting and lunch rooms combined with modern air ventilation systems can mean sickness spreads like wildfire. Airsteril have been able to demonstrate over 42% reduction in absenteeism with units installed throughout an NHS Call Centre, giving phenomenal savings in overtime and sickness cover. The technology has proved so effective that even by just targeting the “hot spots” where the largest staff interaction takes place such as the Washroom and Cafeteria, the risk of sickness spreading is considerably reduced.

The success of Airsteril in the more obvious locations allowed the company to develop more specialist solutions, some for purely odour control in the toughest environments such as Waste sites and others for primarily infection control purposes in the Healthcare sector, all with fantastic results.

Care homes can suffer from a combination of odour and infection control problems, with areas like Sluice rooms being a potential source of embarrassment and Lounges being an area where illness can easily spread with individuals in close proximity. The Airsteril product range includes units for all areas including completely silent units for Bedroom use and a higher-powered mobile option to quickly clear unpleasant odours from multiple areas.

Hotels can experience issues from multiple sources including odours from food, smoking, illness or damp, if these are not cleared it can leave Bedrooms and Meeting areas out of action. Airsteril offer either fixed or mobile unit options both with guaranteed odour elimination meaning all rooms are always available.

With Funeral homes the key issue is to keep the environment pleasant and healthy without unnatural chemical odours. An Airsteril Silent unit in the Chapel of Rest will ensure the area is clear of lingering odours with a natural freshness to the air. For higher odour environments such as Embalming rooms higher powered options can quickly clear odours including Formaldehyde from the air.

Obviously, these units cannot replace good quality cleaning, but in combination with the current cleaning regime Airsteril is able to reach areas cleaners cannot to target infection spreading micro-organisms. These results are achieved by the unique combination of technologies inside an Airsteril unit which work 24 hours a day to sanitize the air and all surfaces meaning even the busiest workspace becomes a clean, fresh and infection controlled environment. Airsteril are so confident they can resolve any issue they offer a 28-day odour control guarantee on every single unit supplied.

Do you want to ensure your washrooms are highly hygienic? Talk to our experienced team about commercial and industrial air purifiers, such as Airsteril, for your organisation. We have experience offering washroom services in the education, hospitality, corporate, nursery, healthcare and facilities maintenance sectors.

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