Are Horrible Smells Losing You Business?

Are Horrible Smells Losing You Business?
You need the Ultimate Air Purifying Solution

Unpleasant odours and harmful germs can invade your environment. Whether you’re in the hospitality, healthcare or education sector, or run a corporate business, unpleasant smells do not represent your brand and company well at all. In fact they will mean that clients never come back – and you certainly don’t want to impact anyone’s health.

But not to fear, there’s a remarkable solution that can bring back fresh, clean air to your establishment in no time – Airsteril Technology.

What is Airsteril Technology?

Airsteril technology is the perfect choice for you if you are looking to eliminate airborne contaminants and neutralise unpleasant odours at their source. Unlike traditional air fresheners that simply mask odours temporarily, Airsteril addresses the root cause of the problem, resulting in long-lasting and genuinely clean air.

Here at Hygenie, we offer a range of Airsteril units, including one of our most highly requested units, the MP100 Multi-Purpose Rapid Odour Decontamination Unit. Catchy title isn’t it?!

The Power of the MP100

One of the key benefits of the MP100 is its ability to reduce the presence of microorganisms in any given area.

With this innovative device, you can wave goodbye to foul odours and the germs that cause them. But achieving optimal results requires proper usage and placement.

When operating the MP100, it’s crucial to ensure that the purified air circulates throughout the designated area effectively. To achieve this, the unit should be positioned at a higher level, as the higher the unit is positioned, the faster air will distribute.

The beauty of the MP100 lies in its versatility. It can be effective in various environments, so we’ve compiled specific usage recommendations, combined with customer feedback, to help you be able to make the most of this powerful air purifier.

MP100 usage time in hotel bedrooms

Based on feedback from a London-based hotel group who have 13 x MP100 units in current
operation, with an average room size of 25 square metres, the estimated odour clearance times are as below. Any period of usage will also reduce the level of harmful microorganisms present:

5 Minutes FRESHEN

The stale room air cleared and was replaced with a pleasant freshness.

The perfect option when it’s not viable to open a window.

15 Minutes BODY ODOURS

Clear any unpleasant odours left behind by previous occupants,

leaving just fresh clean air.


With the area cleaned and dried, this strong unpleasant odour is

quickly eliminated so the room can be back in action.


Background/lingering cigarette or smoke odours cleared,

removing the chance of complaints and allowing the room to

welcome new guests.


When an individual has smoked in a room, the odour can

become trapped in any fabrics, we found this longer treatment

cleared odours from fabrics within the room.

MP100 usage times in a care home/ healthcare facility

In care homes and healthcare settings, maintaining a clean and odour-free environment is essential.

The MP100 can be used for quick freshening up bedrooms or, for more extended periods, to clear incontinence or commode odours.

In larger areas like lounges, dining areas, or corridors, running the unit for a few hours or even overnight will efficiently clear any lingering odours.

15 Minutes –

1 hour       


15 minutes as general freshen up, up to 1 hour to clear

incontinence/commode odours.


3 hours, often left overnight in larger or open plan areas, to clear

food or general unpleasant odours.

1 hour –

4 hours


1 hour to keep unpleasant odours under control or up to 4 hours

to clear completely.

1 hour



Following a deep clean, leave the unit in the area for as long as viable,

minimum of an hour, ideally overnight if the area was previously infected,

however, any use will reduce pathogens present.

MP100 Feedback

At Hygenie, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch air purification solutions like the MP100. Based on valuable feedback and customer satisfaction, we are confident that this versatile and efficient device will make a significant difference in your environment.

“I contacted Hygenie looking to improve our facilities in the factory. Kim was very professional and straight away recognised a need to install Airsteril units to kill the bacteria in the air. We had a high level of sickness which was more than likely spread by the airborne bacteria, the odour was constant no matter what we tried. Several months after the installation of Airsteril units and the change is incredible, the level of sickness has decreased and there is a nice fresh smell to our facilities. We also had water control systems installed which should decrease our water usage over the year, so that is a bonus. I would highly recommend Hygenie, they are efficient and extremely helpful.”

Barry Drew

Get in touch

For more information on the MP100 Multi-Purpose Rapid Odour Decontamination Unit or to explore our range of other Airsteril products, please visit our website or get in touch with our friendly team.

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