Give your Staff the Confidence to Return to Work Safely

66% of employees want better cleaning practices at work and 43% are worried about returning to work altogether. Here’s how Hygenie can help to not only ensure your staff feel confident coming back to the office (when they can), but also to ensure a safe and hygienic work environment…

With the new variant throwing another spanner into the works, employees have recently been asked to work from home if they can in hopes to slow the spread. It’s another testing time for many businesses, with growing concerns among staff about the cleanliness and safety of their workplaces.

For example, a study has found that 66% of employees want better office cleaning practices before returning to work*. On top of that, nearly half of survey participants (43%) are still worried about returning to the office altogether*. 

How can Hygenie help?

As an experienced washroom services provider, we have a range of products and services that will offer your staff certainty that you’re doing all you can to make your workplace as safe as possible.

Air Purification

Airsteril units eliminate odours by killing bacteria, viruses, moulds and fungi in the air and on exposed surfaces. They use a specialist dual Ultraviolet (UV) lamp unit which draws in dirty air and turns it not only into “clean air” but also “cleaning air” which circulates throughout the room eliminating odours and targeting the cause, reducing bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi. Learn more.

Hand Sanitisers

Having hand sanitiser readily available to your staff is vital to help slow the spread of viruses. In our online shop we have a range of hand sanitisers, hand sanitiser stands (free standing and table top), automatic hand sanitiser units and much more. Shop now.

Nordic Chem Spray

Nordic Chem is a long-lasting Antimicrobial Surface Coating. Unlike disinfectant, which evaporates after use, this antimicrobial surface coating bonds to the surface and continues to kill harmful pathogens long after application. It’s an ideal product for premises that get a high amount of footfall, including gyms, hotels, schools/colleges and dentists.

It’s proven to kill human coronavirus for 30 days after application, and it’s easy to apply.

Safe Clean

With just a single coating, SAFECLEAN kills/inhibits both bacteria and viruses (including enveloped viruses such as coronavirus) for up to five hours on a variety of surfaces.  It’s easy to use, alcohol free and kills 99.9% of bacteria.

Talk to us

The Hygenie team are here to help ensure your premises are as hygienic and as safe as possible. Please talk to our expert team. We’d be delighted to chat to you further about our products and services and how they can fit into your organisation.

Based in Nuneaton, our team are often travelling to Birmingham, Coventry, Oxford, Nottingham, Warwickshire, Leicester, Northampton and across much of the UK. Get in touch!

*Research from Cleaning Coalition of America (CCA). 

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