Why choose Eco-friendly, low-carbon hand dryers?

Over time, commercial hand dryers have benefited from many advances in technology.

Most modern hand dryers are designed to be more cost-effective, kinder to our environment in terms of overall carbon footprint and super efficient, meaning the amount of power they actually use is minimal.

Low-energy hand dryers can also save your business hundreds of pounds a year compared to having paper towels in your washrooms, meaning these are also better for the environment too!

At Hygenie, we offer a range of eco-friendly, low-carbon hand dryers, with the aim to help you reduce your power consumption while also helping you to save money.

Our eco-friendly, low-carbon hand dryers


A compact, low carbon, stainless steel, high-speed hand dryer, backed by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

This robust, yet compact dryer offers high-speed hand drying, whilst its size allows for perfect positioning in all washroom environments.

F9+Eco Hand Dryer - Hygenie Washrooms


F4 Eco

A high-speed, surface mounted eco-efficient hand dryer.

The F4 Eco hand dryer is available in three finishes – white, silver, and black. This DDA-compliant hand dryer really does give the user lots of options, from controllable power output to hygienically cleaner air – with a replaceable HEPA filter. All wrapped up in a quality, robust weld-free stainless-steel cover.

The HEPA filtration allows purification of the air used to dry hands filtering up to 99.50% of bacteria from the air which is sucked into the dryer, and then blown over the hands.

F4 Hand Dyer - Hygenie Washrooms


Pebble Mini

The Pebble Mini fits on the Terra 4 Docking Station, making it the ultimate small dryer for the Plug & Play model, at a great value range dryer price.

A compact, yet high quality, low-cost hand dryer that would be a stunning finish to any stylish washroom, the True Plug & Play offers an easy to use snap in/out system, removing the need for skilled labour to switch out, fix or replace.

The unique design is stand out, but the noise level isn’t. The sleek and modern look is matched by it’s outstanding performance.

Pebble mini hand dryer - Hygenie Washrooms


The Pebble Plug & Play hand dryer combines outstanding design coupled with true Plug & Play functionality, making this dryer one of a kind. A high-quality hand dryer that’s a stylish finish to any washroom.

The secure Plug & Play function allows for easy installation and servicing. The Pebble has a low environmental impact, producing 90% less CO2 compared to other dryers.

The Pebble comes equipped with a smart HEPA iFilter, an intelligent filter that informs you when a new filter is required, maintaining hygienic protocol, The HEPA filter captures up to 99.97% of allergens, bacteria, and pollutants.
Pebble hand dryer - Hygenie Washrooms


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If you have any questions about our eco-friendly, low-carbon hand dryers please contact our friendly team.

We offer hand dryers to schools, nurseries, hotels, restaurants, leisure centres and more, who are based from London up to Manchester, including Birmingham, Coventry, Oxford, Warwickshire, Leicester, Northampton and Nottingham.

Learn more about our experienced team and the washroom services we offer. You can also look over testimonials from our clients to see what they think about us!

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