Urinals flushing too much?

As a business you need to ensure you are not flushing water down the drain.

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]At Hygenie we carry out a free washroom survey to ensure the urinals and WC are fitted with the correct water saving device that is working. A lot of buildings had these units fitted years ago but not maintained they will stop working.

On a recent survey at a building with a water management system that had been fitted 5 years ago it was found that the urinals were flushing every 5 minutes 24 hours a day 7 days a week that is 120 FLUSHES A DAY X 365 days per year=43800 flushes a year on a 9 litre urinal cistern this is 394200 litres of water going down the drain.

At Hygenie we offer two types of water management:

Sensaflush Water Management System

This system is designed to drastically reduce your water consumption by up to 90% through eradicating unnecessary and expensive water wastage.

The system differentiates between ‘active’ and ‘idle’ periods in the washroom and only flushes when motion is detected and a flush is needed.

Unmanaged urinal Managed urinal
Flushes per hour 4 2
Hours per day 24 8
Days per week 7 5
Weeks per year 52 48
Litres per year 314,496 34,560
COST PER YEAR £450 £45


Flow Control Water Management Unit

  • Works independently
  • Battery or mains operated
  • Can be set to flush as required i.e. with a urinal sleeve we recommend 4-8 flushes per day with a urinal sanitizer we recommend 10-12 flushes per day
  • Water audit feature – you can see how much water you are using and therefore saving

Water Saving Tips

Every business uses water and it is crucial to ensure that it’s not being wasted. Water used by commercial premises is metered, which means that wasted water is expensive and comes straight off the bottom line!

Water Saving Actions You Can Take

Check your meter – make sure the serial number corresponds to the one on your bill – you may be paying for water that you are not using!

Compare your water bills over a significant period of time – preferably a few years – this will enable you to see changing trends and detect any abnormalities which might require further investigation.

Arrange for Hygenie to carry out a free urinal water audit to see how many times the urinal is currently flushing per day, if it’s not working for you we will then quote for urinal water saving devices and management system installing.

Give us a call today 02476 101600 or fill in the quote form for us to arrange your free audit.

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