The Importance of Safe and Accessible Baby Changing Facilities

Why are safe and accessible baby changing facilities important?

Taking babies and young children out and about can be an already challenging task, but even more so when they need their nappies changing.

This is why having access to safe and accessible changing stations is so important, reducing stress and discomfort for both the caregiver and the baby. These changing facilities provide a safe and hygienic space to change a baby’s nappy, ensuring that the baby is clean, comfortable, and protected from potential germs.

What makes a safe and accessible baby changing facility

There are many important factors that make up a safe and accessible baby changing facility, including a well maintained changing table, a nappy unit that is regularly emptied, sanitiser to clean the table between uses and hand sanitiser or soap for cleaning hands.

We also recommend having an Air Steril unit to remove any odours and airborne bacteria from the room.

How we can help keep your changing facilities safe and accessible

At Hygenie we have a range of products to not only make your changing facilities accessible but also help to keep them clean and safe for everyone using them.

Babyminder Baby changing table

Our Babyminder baby change table provides parents and guardians with a convenient, hygienic and safe baby changing area away from home locations.

This changing table is developed to verify strength and appropriateness for use, built for durability and safety and is available in both horizontal & vertical options.

Babyminder Baby changing table - Hygenie

Nappy units

Our Bambina is a 50L pedal operated nappy bin developed in response to market demand for a robust and aesthetically pleasing bin. It has a large waste holding capacity while remaining compact, modern and attractive in design.

The unit is pedal operated to ensure maximum hygiene and has a removable cover which protects the inside of the unit from soiling and can be removed for easy cleaning.

To reduce any unwanted odours from the bins, scented germicidal powder sachets can be attached inside the bin, which inhibit microbial growth and help to prevent offensive odours.

 Bambina nappy unit - Hygenie

The Nappease is our 60L pedal operated nappy bin, designed with robust performance in mind.

With a large, easy to use pedal and contemporary, easy to wipe down design the Nappease also offers end users a simple solution to dispose of waste.

Nappease nappy unit - Hygenie

Hand sanitiser & soap dispensers

Every baby changing facility should have hand sanitiser and/or a soap dispenser available for people to use to help reduce the spread of germs.

We offer a range of the newest and most efficient soap dispensers for commercial washrooms. From a wall mounted soap dispenser to auto soap dispensers and children’s soap dispensers, to help you keep your changing facilities and washrooms safe.

Soap dispenser - Hygenie

Air Steril Unit

Our Air Steril units (Industrial Air Purifiers) eliminate odours by killing bacteria, viruses, moulds and fungi in the air and on exposed surfaces.

Air units work by a specialist dual Ultraviolet lamp unit which draws in dirty air and turns it not only into “clean air” but also “cleaning air” which circulates throughout the room eliminating odours and targeting the cause, reducing bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi

Air Steril units are Industrial Air Purifiers that utilise a combination of technology, effectively combining an Ozone Generator, Germicidal UV unit and Ionizer to produce superior results to any other technology.

Air Steril unit - Hygenie

Get in touch

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you maintain safe and accessible baby changing facilities please get in touch with our friendly team – we’d be happy to help!

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