Effective Management of Sanitary Waste

Hygenie introduces a new service for effective management of sanitary waste for Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust (BSMHFT) has appointed Hygenie, a provider of washrooms services, to ensure that the management of sanitary waste is dealt with more effectively as part of a constant review of procedures.

There are a number of legal strict legal requirements that sanitary waste disposal must comply with including – Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulation: the Environment Protection Act; The Water Industries Act and the Duty of Care Regulations. An internal review of the services delivered by the existing provider had identified the need to address risks of cross contamination, ligature and to provide more effective sanitary units. BSMHFT initiated a market testing exercise to identify providers that offered a proven solution to address this issue and selected Hygenie.

“We identified Hygenie as offering added value and an innovative product. The Hygenie team also contributed to workshops to develop the new approach and were available in supporting the Facility Team in introducing the new services concept.”

Hygenie started working with BSMHFT in October 2014 and the new approach has delivered the improvements and benefits required. BSMHFT now guarantees that washroom services meet legislation requirements and that the right services and products are delivered in the right place and they are delighted with the service offering from Hygenie

About Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust provides mental health care to those people living in Birmingham and Solihull who are experiencing mental health problems. The Trust serves a culturally and socially diverse population of over a million and is one of the largest mental health foundation trusts in the country operating from over 50 sites in a variety of settings, from community based mental health teams through to acute wards and day centres.

* The Workplace (Health , Safety and Welfare) Regulation 1992, Regulation 21; The Environment Protection Act 1990, Section 34; The Water Industries Act 1991; The Duty of Care Regulations, 1991

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