Our New SFX Range

Our New Product Range to keep your washroom as fresh as a rose

With a promise to provide a stunning service to stunning customers, we need a range of products and services that work all day, every day, and look great too.

We’re very excited to be launching our new coordinated SFX range of containers. They look fantastic in any washroom environment. Included in the range are the air fresh, toilet seat sanitizer, soap dispenser and urinal/bowl sanitizer units:

  • The Airfresh units will keep your washrooms smelling sweet as a rose. Sensors ensure the atmosphere is constantly refreshed and kept a pleasant place for your visitors.
  • The Toilet Seat Sanitizer is easy to use and reassures your customers they’re seated hygienically, and that you care about the details others leave to chance.
  • The Soap Dispenser incorporates a large soap reservoir to ensure there’s always a ready source of gorgeous foam soap to cleanse and refresh.
  • And the Urinal/Bowl Sanitizer Units help manage odour and maintain great hygiene standards – at a visible AND invisible level. They’ll also keep your plumbing lime scale-free and running clear day in, day out.

Hygenie cares for customers all over the Midlands, so if you’re a Chemist in Coventry, a Nursery in Nuneaton, a Butcher in Birmingham, or run logistics from Leicester, or a school in Sutton Coldfield, please give us a call on 02476 101 600. We’ll be happy to come and discuss what you need and give you price I’m confident might surprise you.

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