Why are ‘Changing Places Toilets’ so important?

Do you know what Changing Places Toilets are? We explain below and show you a great example of one at The National Space Centre…

We visited our client’s premises recently, The National Space Centre. It has been one year since starting the contract with them and it was great to see all the products in situ and working so well a year on!

They have large washrooms that see very high usage – up to 1700 visitors per day! Last year we installed Airsteril systems into these washrooms to remove odours and ensure the washroom is as bacteria free as possible. It was so fantastic to see them in action and the freshness was amazing.

It was also great to see a Changing Places Toilet at The National Space Centre, which was put in last year…

What are Changing Places Toilets?

Did you know that over a 1/4 million people in the UK need Changing Places Toilets to enable them to get out and about? ‘Changing Places Toilets’ is an organisation that campaigns for public places to have toilets that enable those who may have limited mobility to either get on the toilet or change any clothing. 

The equipment in a Changing Places Toilet includes a height adjustable changing bench, a peninsular toilet and a ceiling hoist. It also has plenty of space. All of this gives those with limited mobility a  safe and comfortable toilet to use. 

Below you can see the Changing Places Toilet that has been installed at The National Space Centre…

You can learn more on their website: https://www.changing-places.org/.

Need a professional Washroom Services Provider?

Hygenie are a Washroom Service Provider working across the Midlands, including Northampton, Birmingham, Nottingham, Oxford, Leicester, Warwickshire and further afield. Here’s what The National Space Centre said about working with us:

“We have been through a tough year, as have most businesses, we are a self-supporting charity who rely on having contractors who support us in what we do at a reasonable price. Hygenie uk is one of those companies, they stepped in and gave us excellent service when we needed it most. Not only installing a new sanitary supply system but also fitting airsteril units to improve the working environment for our staff.

We at the National Space Centre highly recommend Hygenie uk for all your sanitary needs, cleaning supplies and airsteril system.”

Our team has worked with a range of organisations, including those in Education (such as Universities, Colleges and Schools), Nurseries, Hospitality, Leisure, Retail, Healthcare (such as Doctors, Dentists, Hospitals and NHS) and Corporate.

Our washroom services and products include hand dryers, clinical waste services, sanitary units, nappy waste services, washroom vending machines, industrial floor mats and more.

Please do get in touch if you’d like to talk to us about how we can help with your washrooms. We also offer a range of products in our online shop – browse now!

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