Introducing the new Hygenie Jet Fast Dryer

A high speed, surface mounted eco-efficient hand dryer for all market sectors and locations.

Commercial Toilet Hand Dryers have benefitted from advances in technology and within a matter of years. They’ve become extremely efficient, more cost effective and kinder to our environment in terms of overall carbon footprint.

As with many things in life hand dryers come in many different shapes and sizes, each with their own attributes and values.

Introducing the new jet from Hygenie!

The feature list is endless, from DDA compliance to HEPA filtration; this dryer has everything!

Available in 2 finishes, white or satin, this DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compliant toilet hand dryer really does give the user all the options, from controllable power output to intelligent heat, all wrapped up in a quality weld free stainless steel cover.

A high speed, surface mounted eco-efficient hand dryer for all market sectors and locations.

At £6 per year energy cost, the jet is one of the most efficient toilet hand dryers on the market. Compare this to an average hand dryer energy cost of £120 per year. This is also over 90% cheaper than yearly paper towel costs.

The F4 provides complete user control with a heater on/off option and a potentiometer to control the power output.

Not just energy efficient, the jet is also one of the quietest hand dryers on the market at 70dB compared to an average of 78dB.

The jet is also hygienic due to its HEPA filter which removes 99.97% of bacteria.

Despite being low noise and low on energy use, the jet still has a drying time of 10-12 seconds.


Also introducing AirGuard, which is a new addition to create a ‘hand drying station’. The AirGuard will cover the footprint of an existing toilet hand dryer or dispenser as well as protecting your walls and increasing hygiene in your washroom.

– It provides an impact resistant surface to walls.

– Proven to kill 99.9% of all species of Bacteria

– FDA and HSE approved for indirect or incidental contact with food

– Reduces maintenance costs by protecting walls

– Maintains a clean, safe environmental protocol for staff and client

– Improves the image of your Washroom

For more information on our Jet by Hygenie or any other toilet hand dryers, please do get in touch.

We’re based in the Midlands in Nuneaton and work with clients from London up to Manchester, including Birmingham, Coventry, Oxford, Warwickshire, Leicester, Northampton and Nottingham. We also offer a range washroom services and products including Floor Mats, Nappy and Clinical Waste Services, Sanitising and Urinal Units and much more.

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