Hygenie Photo Competition!

We set a challenge for all of the team here at Hygenie… To take the best photos/selfies of them working or products in situ! Vouchers were up for grabs for the best or most photos taken. Here were the entries:

The first person to send a picture in was Jon, with a number of pictures of the great Headington School…

The best selfie has to be… Carl – what a lockdown hairstyle!

Closely followed by Jon and Sunny. With Sunny getting the peaky blinders look to a tee and Jon rocking the headband and mask!!

Then we had some great pics of our fabulous sites. Here were Carl’s:

See Jon’s selection of site shots below:

Here are Darren’s pictures, including the sun rising over the Nuneaton Golf Club:

Then we had the in situ shots including the following from Darren:

Jon took one of the favourite in situ  shots at Brasenose College:

Then an action shot from Jon of Carl installing:

Followed by Steve’s shot of how the bins are serviced in a large toilet block to ensure everything is cleaned thoroughly all over:

Not to mention his Sani bin Sani bin, where art thou?

Here is the happiest picture of Darren we’ve ever seen…

So, after all the pictures were sent in, the winner is… Jon Glover! Who sent in the biggest selection of photos. Although everyone won a voucher for such a great effort!

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As you can see from the above, we have a great team of people here at Hygenie – learn more about us. Our team are out and about at a range of locations across Birmingham, Oxford, Leicester, Coventry, Nottingham, Warwickshire and further afield across the UK.

We are highly experienced in servicing washrooms and workplaces for a range of industries including educationhealthcarecorporatehospitality, retail and leisure. Our services and products include hand dryersnappy waste servicessanitary unitsclinical waste serviceswashroom vending machinesindustrial floor matswater management and lots more.

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