How much bacteria is REALLY in your washroom?

Is your washroom really as clean as you think it is? It may look and smell clean, but the reality is, bacteria is invisible and it’s in places you may not initially expect…

Where is the Bacteria in your Washroom?

  • Floor in Front of the Toilet: 64% Bacteria
  • Sink Drain: 61% Bacteria
  • Feminine Hygiene Unit: 57% Bacteria
  • Floor in Front of Urinal: 30% Bacteria
  • Rim of the Sink: 24% Bacteria
  • Top of Toilet Paper Dispenser: 23% Bacteria
  • Top of the Toilet Seat: 20% Bacteria
  • Urinal: 20% Bacteria

A recent study has also shown that the average reading of microbe counts in a typical washroom has exceeded the industry benchmark. The latest swab test from a toilet bowl has shown a reading of almost quadruple what the healthy range is!

How to reduce the Bacteria in your Washroom

Thankfully, some of our innovative products can help to reduce the amount of bacteria in your washroom:

  • Urinal/WC Sanitisers – These sanitisers work by automatically injecting a sanitising fluid into the cistern, attacking the source of the problem. It’s like having a cleaner working 24/7! There are lots more benefits to using a Urinal/WC Sanitiser too – learn more…
  • Toilet Seat Sanitisers – This system is able to kill 99.99% of bacteria found on toilet seats. It can also be used on toilets to ensure the bowls are cleaned with each flush, ensuring the rim stays clean and as free of bacteria as possible.
  • Air Purifiers – Hygenie offer AirSteril units which eliminate odours by killing bacteria, viruses, moulds and fungi in the are and on exposed surfaces.

As well as our products, one piece of simple advice can also help to reduce bacteria: ALWAYS close the toilet lid before flushing. Flushing the toilet without putting the lid down can send bacteria as far as six feet away! You could put posters up in your washrooms to encourage people to do this.

Please do get in touch with us to find out how our Washroom Services could help you. Based in Nuneaton, we’re often working in Birmingham, Coventry, Oxford, Warwickshire, Leicester, Northampton, Nuneaton, Nottingham and further afield.

Many organisations use our Washroom Services including in the Education, Hospitality, Leisure, Retail, Healthcare, Corporate, Nursery and Facilities Maintenance sectors.

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