4 surprising reasons to keep your staff toilets spotless

It’s no shock that it’s important to keep your employee’s bathroom clean. Toilets are an emotive subject; they create a window into a company’s operations and give the user an insight into how much they care about their staff and visitors.

Here are our 4 surprising reasons for keeping staff toilets (and your general office space) spick and span…


  1. Healthy employees mean fewer sick days – Just over 4 days were lost to sickness per UK worker in 2016*. If you keep your work environment as clean as possible, less germs are likely to be spread, therefore less employees off sick! A dirty office/toilets can also mean lingering dust. Dust can have negative effects on their breathing, energy levels, headaches or skin. Ensure that surfaces are disinfected daily, carpets are vacuumed, floors are washed and toilets are sanitised. Things such as hand sanitisers and air purifiers are a great addition too.
  2. Cleanliness means satisfaction –  When you walk into a spotless and fresh smelling toilet, you get a great feeling of satisfaction in knowing that it’s clean. The same goes for employees. It shows that you appreciate them too!
  3. Improved productivity – “Workplace absence is costing the UK economy £18bn in lost productivity**”. Your employees may not be visibly sick, but they may be feeling a lack motivation or initiative due to the lack of cleanliness. Improved cleaning practices and quality janitorial cleaning supplies will positively impact the overall state of mind of employees. And you’ll be improving your bottom line by having more productive and present employees!
  1. It’s the law! Did you know that the HSE say you must have a clean workplace? If the reasons above aren’t good enough ones to encourage you to keep your office and toilets pristine, this one definitely is! They state that businesses must have a “healthy working environment” with “good ventilation, reasonable working temperature and a clean workplace with appropriate waste containers”***.


So are you providing your employees the best working environment? They are a huge asset to your business, so it’s important to keep them on your side, healthy and happy.

Hygenie Washrooms offer a range of washroom solutions in Birmingham, Coventry, Warwickshire, Oxford, Leicester, Northampton, Nottingham and further across the UK. From providing air purifiers, soap dispensers and floor mats to providing nappy waste/clinical waste disposal services and bathroom vending machines. Please get in touch with our team for more information!



*BBC, 2017

**Personnel Today, 2017

***HSE, 2018

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