3 great bathroom etiquette tips

Are you an employer looking for toilet etiquette tips for you and your employees? Here are our top 3 tips for great toilet hygiene…

  1. Always wash your hands. This should be as essential as closing the toilet cubicle door! If there is poor workplace hygiene there will be a spread of illnesses and disease amongst workmates. As an employer, you can promote good hand hygiene by providing the right soap dispensers and ensuring that there are posters promoting hand washing
  2. Flush with the lid down. It’s not generally pointed out, but flushing with the lid of the toilet bowl up cannot be considered a best bathroom practice. The reason? Flushing with the lid up ‘aerosolises’ bacteria that can spread disease, most notably diarrhoea-causing Clostridium difficile. This can be found abundantly in public, hotel, restaurant and workplace bathrooms.A study from Leeds General Infirmary, and published in the International Journal of Hospital Infection, revealed that the bacteria is sprayed around 25 centimetres above the toilet bowl with each flush, caught on a plume of rising air. The research also showed that the presence of the bacteria was 12 times greater when flushing with a raised lid than when the lids are down. The highest numbers of the bacteria was recovered immediately after flushing. Bacteria was still present in the air after 90 minutes, leading to surface contamination. Therefore, it is important to sanitise the toilet seat before and after using it and to always flush with a closed lid. Hygenie supply toilet seat sanitisers that mean the user can disinfect the seat between uses if the seat has been left up.
  3. Don’t use the toilet for social occasions ie using your mobile or chatting to colleagues. Using a mobile on the toilet spreads germs onto the mobile and thus onto your hands and face. Doing this just reduces all the good work on handwashing!

You could even print these 3 toilet etiquette tips or create a poster to put up in your staff bathrooms!

Hygenie offer washroom solutions throughout the UK, namely Birmingham, Coventry, Oxford, Leicester, Warwickshire, Nottingham, Northampton and further afield. The products we supply include hand dryers, washroom consumables, water machines, air purifiers, sanitary units and more.

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