The best way to decontaminate rooms, bathrooms and more

Whether it’s the middle of Summer or the depths of Winter, there are certain unwanted smells and germs that tend to stick around. In the Summer, the warmth exaggerates these smells, and in the Winter, there tends to be more germs and illnesses about.

Do you require odours or germs shifted from your space? Decontamination has never been easier and quicker thanks to Air Steril units. Your room could be decontaminated within 30 minutes*! These units are perfect for when someone has smoked, been sick/ill or other challenging  odour problems – they target the odour at the source.

Air Steril units can be used in hotels, student accommodation, care homes, hospitals and any other room, bathroom or space.

Reasons for using the Air Steril units for decontamination and odour removal

✓ Can clean a room in as little as 30 minutes*!

✓ Guaranteed Washroom odour Elimination

✓ Compact and attractive units – so can be placed anywhere

✓ Suitable for small, medium and large rooms

✓ Improves Hygiene levels

✓ Targets bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi

✓ Leaves facilities smelling freshly cleaned

✓ Sanitises all surfaces.

Air Sterile units can eliminate odours including:

  • Smoke
  • Food
  • Illness
  • Body Odours
  • Incontinence
  • Mould

Please get in touch if you’d like to have a chat with our specialist team about Air Sterile units for your commercial space. Learn more about the models we offer. Hygenie offers washroom solutions from our base in Nuneaton. We work in Birmingham, Coventry, Oxford, Warwickshire, Leicester, Northampton and Nottingham. Our work area extends from London up to Manchester.

*These units are high output, so areas must be left clear during operation and setup as high as possible. As a guideline based on customer feedback, in a 25 square metre room body odours or cigarette odours are cleared in less than 30 minutes with stronger odours like vomit removed in an hour.

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