Protect Your Workspace with Hygenie Virus Control Units

It’s a known fact that germs are spread easily by coughs and sneezes. Even talking and breathing can release germs into the air! This recent research on germs in the workplace may surprise you…

Research has shown that viruses, including Coronavirus, can remain airborne for hours and be transmitted by aerosolized germs. Many work environments are an obvious area of risk, such as offices, schools, nurseries, care homes, hotels, leisure centres, gyms and others.

A recent independent testing conducted by Hygcen in Germany shows that germs sprayed into the air in a 75m3 room were still present 60 minutes later! With a virus control unit in operation, no germs could be measured after 10 minutes.

Hygenie Virus Control Units

The research above shows how the technology can kill over 99.9% of Coronavirus in the air within minutes*.

The units use dual lamp U/V technology and germicidal irridation to kill airborne bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi drawn into the environment either by a fan or by thermal convection.

Once installed, our units operate continuously. They require little maintenance and one annual lamp change.

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Please do get in touch or or read more about our virus control units. Based in Nuneaton, our friendly and knowledgeable team often work in Birmingham, Coventry, Oxford, Warwickshire, Leicester, Northampton, Nuneaton, Nottingham and further afield.

We have experience servicing organisations in the following sectors: EducationHospitalityLeisureRetailHealthcareCorporateNursery and Facilities Maintenance.

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