*NEW!* Large Area Scent machines for your Receptions and Commercial washrooms

Do you hate walking into a smelly bathroom?

Everyone does. It’s unpleasant and you feel as though you’re in an unhygienic space. It has a bad reflection on your organisation too, whether that’s a hotel, petrol station, hospital, office or school.

Do you know that 90% of customers say they would either walk out or speed up their visit in a washroom if it smells bad? Plus, 3 out of 4 people expect a public washroom to smell better than their bathroom at home! So it’s important to at least meet your customer/staff expectations, but better to exceed them.

Don’t forget, smell is our strongest sense. It can often be the first thing someone notices – so make the most of this and create a great, lasting impression in your washrooms.

The best way to combat your washroom smells…

As well as keeping your washrooms clean, we have the best way to eliminate those nasty smells, with very minimal effort…

Hygenie Washrooms has just added the brilliant Commercial Scent Machines to their suite of products.  These machines release fragranced liquid (comes out as a fine mist) into your washrooms. They offer advanced diffusion technology and can be used for large areas.

They are ideal for hotels, offices, casinos, theatres, museums, retail, leisure, gyms and spas.

You have a range of smells to choose from – including jasmine, black orchid, coconut, fig, sage and pear. See the full list of fragrances.

For more information, you can view our range of commercial scent machines or get in touch with our friendly team to learn more. We are based in Nuneaton, but work throughout the UK and help clients in Birmingham, Coventry, Oxford, Nottingham, Leicester and further afield.

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