Sanitiser Sentinel – The world’s first automated spoken hand sanitiser “Enforcer”.

Sanitiser Sentinel – The world’s first automated spoken hand sanitiser “Enforcer”.

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The Sanitiser Sentinel works 24/7 ensuring that the sanitisation message gets to everyone passing a hand sanitiser or sanitisation station.

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Product description

The Sanitiser Sentinel is designed to attract passing people to the hand sanitiser or soap dispenser and encourage them to use it.

The Sanitiser Sentinel is a stand-alone unit that is easily placed above or close to a hand sanitiser or soap dispenser.

The Sanitiser Sentinel has a proximity sensor that will detect when a person comes within range of the hand sanitiser or soap dispenser, a light will flash and recorded (selectable) voice message is played to remind the person to wash or sanitise their hands. The unit can be used to ensure hand sanitisation and cleaning protocols are adhered to in any scenario and environment, without the need for staff to be present.

The method of alerting customers to use hand sanitiser is proven to be more effective than signage alone. Simply playing the message “Please sanitise your hands” when motion is detected, we have a unique product that will help any size business tackle the spread of Covid-19 at a reasonable price.

Product features

  • The Sanitiser Sentinel works 24/7.
  • Completely autonomous and so saves valuable staff time and costs.
  • Detects people approaching from up to 8 Metres away.
  • A choice of 20 selectable languages.
  • A total of 26 pre-recorded messages available as standard.
  • Record your own custom message for automatic playback.
  • Works with rechargeable batteries as an alternative to alkaline.
  • Selectable voice only or illumination only or both together.
  • Adjustable volume control.
  • Choice of screw mount or simple 3M sticky pad mount (both included).
  • Product dimensions: W92 x H140 x D64 mm.
  • Unit Requires 4x C-Cell Batteries (Not Supplied).

To watch the Sanitiser Sentinel features video please click on this link


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