P&L Airfresh Classic Fragrances 270ml (case of 12)

P&L Airfresh Classic Fragrances 270ml (case of 12)

£44.20 Plus VAT

A fragrance range to suit all environments.

Sold as a case of 12 per fragrance.


Product description

The Classic range of fragrances has been developed to offer a comprehensive range of your favourite fragrances, offering an evocative fragrance for every application. From fruity scents to light florals to fresh baby powder, the Classic range offers a choice of fragrances to suit many areas, from the lobby to the washroom, making customers feel special at every opportunity. Sold in cases of 12 per fragrance.

Product Options

  • Adrenalin – An intense masculine fragrance ideal for sport facilities and washrooms, Classic Adrenalin delivers a powerful fragrance punch.
  • Baby Powder – One of the most evocative of the range, Classic Baby Powder is fresh clean fragrance, delivering the scent of light talc for washrooms.
  • Fresh Linen – A wonderfully clean smelling fragrance, reminiscent of fresh linen on a warm summers day. Classic Fresh Linen is ideal for Hygiene conscious applications.
  • Island Mango – Tropical, rich fruits define this mouth-watering Classic Island Mango Fragrance, evoking memories of tropical summer days and island gateways. Sweet notes punctuate the fragrance of ripe, juicy mango.
  • Wild Orchid – A woody, spicy fragrance with citrus nuances and notes of wild orchid, jasmine and patchouli.

Additional information


Adrenalin x12, Baby Powder x12, Fresh Linen x12, Mango x12, Wild Orchid x12


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