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We have a range of Coin Free Vending Units designed to dispense “FREE” sanitary products

The units are easy to install, no batteries or wiring required.

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Period Poverty is a serious issue affecting women and girls all over the world.

There has been an increase in awareness around the impact this can have on the lives of women and girls, especially around their education.

To address this growing problem, many schools are now offering free sanitary products as part of a government funded initiative to end Period Poverty. The initiative started in Scotland and has now developed into other European countries.

This initiative has now influenced companies who are now also offering these feminine sanitary products to their employees or clients free of charge. As a leading manufacturer of washroom vending solutions, Hygenie have designed a range of vending machines for this purpose.

The Minivend and Maxivend machines are dual column vending machines which dispense sanitary products free of charge. They are easy to install, and products are dispensed quickly and easily using the levers on the sides of the machine.

The Manual vend can be installed inside each toilet cubicle to make sanitary products easily available.

The Freevend is an alternative option to provide non packed feminine period products. The products sit loose at the bottom of the dispensing unit.

We have a range of products which are supplied in bulk suitable for any of our Freevend machines.


  • Easy to install, no batteries or wiring required
  • Ease of use for consumer
  • We have a range of sanitary products available to fit including Tampax Super, Tampax Compaq, Always and Kotex sanitary pads

Call us on 02476 101600 or email us at for more information and your free no obligation quotation


Additional information


Height: 222mm
Width: 148mm
Depth: 90mm
Weight: 5kg


Height: 500mm
Width: 280mm
Depth: 100mm
Weight: 9kg


Height: 500mm
Width: 282mm
Depth: 100mm
Weight: 8kg
Packet Capacity Left Column: 12
Packet Capacity Right Column: 15


Height: 705mm
Width: 282mm
Depth: 110mm
Weight: 12kg
Packet Capacity Left Column: 21
Packet Capacity Right Column: 28


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