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Clear Vinyl Latex Free Disposable Gloves (1000 gloves)

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Latex Free Disposable Gloves. Gives you and your staff high protection whilst also reducing the risk of hypersensitivity and allergic reactions.

Available in Sizes: S  M  L  XL
Sold by the CASE, 10 boxes of 100 gloves (1,000 gloves per case)

Looking for latex free disposable gloves in bulk? Whether you need them for a work environment to safeguard you, your customers and staff, or you’d like them at home to keep your household protected, these latex free disposable gloves are ideal at reducing the spread of infection and cross-contamination.

Product description

Manufactured from: PVC plastisol.
Latex free: reducing the risk of hypersensitivity and allergic reactions.
Powder Free: Reduces the risk of product contamination.
Smooth finish.
Food Contact: Tested in accordance with European standard EN1186 making it suitable for food contact.
Available in Sizes
S  M  L  XL

How many are in the box?

Sold by the CASE:  10 boxes (100 gloves/50 pairs, per box)

How to properly remove Latex Free Disposable Gloves

As the name suggests, these latex free disposable gloves are one-time use only. After they have been used you should take caution to remove the gloves so as not to spread infection. The outside of the gloves should not come into contact with your bare skin. Once carefully removed, place them in the bin and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water (or hand sanitiser is water is not available).

Why should I wear Disposable Gloves?

  • Wearing latex free disposable gloves can reduce the spread of infection, bacteria and viruses
  • Keeps your hands clean, dry and germ-free
  • For food use, using gloves prevents bacteria and viruses that could be present in your body from contaminating the food.

Why should I choose Latex Free?

Some are allergic to the material that is Latex. So if you’re purchasing a bulk box of gloves for your staff members, opting for latex free will rule out any potential allergic reactions to the gloves.
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