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Washroom Malodours solve unpleasant odours

Foul smells in a washroom leave a bad impression on your organisation. If you have a problem with washroom malodours, our specialists will find the source of the problem and then provide a solution.

A common source of malodours is gents urinals – smells come from crystalised uric salt blockages, urine stained traps or u-bends, or blockages from foreign matters in the outlet hole.

Once the source of the smell has been removed, our highly effective Hygenie Urinal Sleeve will keep your urinal sanitised and fresh.

General Washroom Malodours

Air fresheners will help give a pleasant fragrance but they will not remove challenging malodours in older washrooms or washrooms with less ventilation..

airsterile-wr30 fights washroom malodours

For these washrooms we recommend Air Steril units which eliminate odours by killing bacteria, viruses, moulds and fungi in the air and on exposed surfaces.