Service Solutions from Hygenie | The Premier Washroom Service Provider

Poor Service expect more from your service provider

Are you unhappy with your current service provider?

We know that common poor service problems include irregular service schedules and not confirming when service technicians will arrive.

We will always email you to confirm installation and then at the start of each month to confirm service visits.

Do you keep running out of soap or consumables?

Upon our initial site visit, we will calculate the optimum number of soap dispensers for your requirements. If you are a particularly busy site or have seasonal requirements we can provide a more frequent service or leave spare soap cartridges and consumables for cleaners to top up between visits.

Are you getting enough service?

We believe that monthly service visits are the best way to ensure that your washroom is always fully stocked and well managed so we will commit to 12 service visits a year as a starting point.

But we are flexible and will create a schedule to suit you – if your school/college/university requires more visits during the term, we can arrange this and not visit you during breaks. Or, if you are a shopping centre or tourist attraction, we can supply more visits during your busy periods.

Don’t know how to cancel your contract?

We can help by providing a sample termination letter which is required at least one quarter before your annual anniversary of contract start date.