Hygenie Washrooms | Solutions for Cross Contamination

Cross Contamination reducing risks

Data on public washroom contamination shows how often and how easily specific high contact washroom surfaces can be contaminated.

A recent nationwide survey at a motorway service station found that only 32% of men and 64% of women washed their hands before leaving the washroom – that leaves 68% of men and 36% of women who increased the risk of contaminating themselves and others. This was followed through with other surveys.

Providing soap dispensers that are conveniently located and easy to use helps to reduce this percentage.


FACT – regular hand washing can decrease bacteria on hands by up to 50%

The soap dispensers that Hygenie provides include:

Classic Soap Dispenser

  • Wall mounted luxury foaming soap in an 800ml 2,000 dose cartridge.

  • Available as antibacterial.

  • Available in white, satin chrome or bright chrome.

Auto Soap


  • The autosoap dispensers provide an ultra hygienic solution for handwashing.

  • The infrared technology gives a fast dose delivery for a fantastic no-touch soap dispensing experience.

  • Available with liquid or foaming soap.

  • Available in white, satin chrome or bright chrome.

Hygenie SFX Soap Dispenser

  • To match our sfx range we offer our sfx soap dispenser available in a luxury foaming soap in the three colour finishes.

  • Choice of Luxury or antibacterial.

Engineering Soap

  • For industrial environments we supply an Industrial hand cleaner which is solvent free and removes oils greases and other medium to hard soiling.