FAQ's from Hygenie | Washroom Services in the Midlands

FAQ’s common queries

You can find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions below.

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

What experience do the directors have?

Hygenie is a family owned business who have 20 years’ experience within the business to business service industry.

Cosette Wright the Managing Director has worked in the service industry for 20 years plus in previous roles she has won many awards including branch of the world competition which included branches from 15 other countries.

Her main philosophy is to provide a great product and great service whilst being flexible along the way.

How long will the contract be for?

Our standard contracts are 36 or 60 months fixed price contracts we normally find once you’ve had the equipment installed and are getting great service at competitive prices there’s no reason to change. However we are very flexible so talk to us and we will see if we can accommodate you.

I am in a current contract with a current service provider; how do I terminate?

You first need to check you initial contract term and when you have paid that provider to.

If you have completed your initial term then one quarters/months’ notice is applicable to some washroom providers whereas other company’s its one quarters notice prior to your annual anniversary or it rolls over for another year.

We can handle your termination process with your permission.

What is a waste transfer note?

This is legally required to confirm to you as the producer of the waste that your waste has been taken away by a licenced waste carrier (please see our licence enclosed) and what happens to your waste.

It should have four sections:

A The type of waste/Quantity/ Weight/EWC waste code and how many collections the note covers for the year.

B Producer of the waste this will be your full name and address. You will need to sign as the producer and confirm that you have fulfilled your duty to apply the waste hierarchy as required by regulation 12 of the waste (England and Wales) regulations 2011.

C Company collecting the waste – That’s us and this is where all our information as the collector is put in, we will sign this as well and our full details will be put.

D Address of place of transfer/collection point this is where we take the waste to. As we are not a waste station and there is no exemption covering us to store waste on site we must take the waste to a licenced clinical and waste station.

What happens to the waste?

All our waste is taken through our broker to Veolia Birmingham where is converted through incineration see link to read more about this www.veoliaenvironmentalservices.co.uk/birmingham/facilities/energyrecovery

What is a consignment note?

A consignment note must be completed to accompany hazardous waste when moved from any premises.

What services do you offer

We offer a full range of all products for your washrooms.

The service we offer is 12 visits per annum as standard, we can increase this to 26 visits or 52 if required.

We offer a free 24 hour call out service as standard.

Each time we visit site you will receive an email to confirm the service visit prior to us coming so you know when to expect someone.

You will have the same service driver so they get to know your building and offer a personal business relationship, that driver will service all items of the kit on site from the washrooms to the matting to the vending meaning you only have one operative in each month thus cutting down on fuel costs.

Do you have a quality policy?

Yes we do (link to licence/policies)

We will personally visit your site after installation to ensure that you are happy with all the products we have provided, we will then follow this up by at least one further visit (or as required) per annum.