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At Hygenie we know that a smart and fragrant washroom leaves a positive impression with visitors and helps to create a pleasant place to work for staff. This is why we offer a customised suite of washroom services and coordinated products that can enhance your washroom, including foaming soap, hands free sanitary units, great smelling air fresheners and powerful, effective hand dryers – all backed up with service that is second to none.

We also provide you with the correct waste transfer documentation which will help you to comply with legislation.

Sanitary Units

Hygenie provides smart sanitary units in a contemporary design. Available in 15 litre or 20 litre, these sanitary units are hands-free for your comfort.

The sanitary units we offer are:

Compact Unit

Our standard unit is a white compact 15 litre capacity hands free sanitary unit which will fit into even the smallest of toilets. It has a discreet modesty flap and no rims to ensure a clean finish.

This is also available in 20 litre capacity for busier premises who need a larger capacity.

Black & Chrome Unit

To fit in with the chrome range of equipment we provide a black and chrome sanitary unit this is also available in compact and standard size.

Sanitary units are emptied during our regular servicing schedule and all waste is incinerated to comply with our ‘zero waste to landfill’ policy.

The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 recommends that businesses should ensure that all female toilets are provided with a suitable method of sanitary waste.

Soap Dispensers


FACT – regular hand washing can decrease bacteria on hands by up to 50%

The soap dispensers that Hygenie provides include:

Classic Soap Dispenser

  • Wall mounted luxury foaming soap in an 800ml 2,000 dose cartridge.

  • Available as antibacterial.

  • Available in white, satin chrome or bright chrome.

Auto Soap


  • The autosoap dispensers provide an ultra hygienic solution for handwashing.

  • The infrared technology gives a fast dose delivery for a fantastic no-touch soap dispensing experience.

  • Available with liquid or foaming soap.

  • Available in white, satin chrome or bright chrome.

Hygenie SFX Soap Dispenser

  • To match our sfx range we offer our sfx soap dispenser available in a luxury foaming soap in the three colour finishes.

  • Choice of Luxury or antibacterial.

Engineering Soap

  • For industrial environments we supply an Industrial hand cleaner which is solvent free and removes oils greases and other medium to hard soiling.

Fast Hand Dryers

By choosing hand dryers over paper towels you are helping to reduce your carbon footprint. The new range of fast hand dryers are designed to save power – click here for more information.

Hygenie Tempest Fast Dryer

  • These dryers provide rapid drying time of 10-12 seconds.

  • The Tempest also offers the user up to 70% energy saving when compared to conventional dryers.

  • The unit is available in white, polished chrome and satin stainless.

  • This is also available in a compact version – mini – has a drying time of 10 seconds with automatic infrared operation and a 60 second auto shutoff period.


image of a fast hand dryer in white

image of a fast hand dryer in stainless steel

image of a fast hand dryer in stainless steel

image of a fast hand dryer in white

Classic Plus Hand Dryer

We also offer the classic plus hand dryer available in white, chrome or black and chrome. This is a high quality fast dryer which has won the quiet mark.

Eco Mo Hand Dryer

  • Eco mo is a innovative hand dryer which has three drying jets and a absorbent ceramic pad to stop any water spillage onto floor or surrounding areas.

Click here to see the Eco Mo in action

Urinal/WC Sanitisers

image of quadrasan sanitiser

Urinal and WC sanitisers work by automatically injecting a measured dose of an enzyme-based Biosolve sanitising fluid into the cistern, attacking the source of the problem rather than masking it.

The sanitiser also helps to inhibit the build up of scale in the pipework limiting the growth of bacteria and can be used on WC’s to ensure the bowls are cleaned with each flush, and under the rim stays clean and free from bacteria.

It’s like having a cleaner working 24 hours per day.

At Hygenie, we feel that it is important to only install this product onto clean pipework so a deep clean of the pipework will be carried out prior to installation.

This comes in the full range of three finishes white, white/chrome and black/chrome

sfx toilet seat sanitiser

Toilet Seat Sanitisers

FACT – flushing the toilet without putting the lid down can send germs as far as six feet away.

Hygenie toilet seat sanitiser systems kill 99.99% of bacteria found on toilet seats. It leaves the surfaces clean and sanitised each time you use it.

This comes in the full range of three finishes white, white/chrome and black/chrome

Vending Machines

We offer a variety of vending machines for the convenience of staff or customers to use 24/7.

They offer a variety of products to cater for everyday needs including tampons and towels, condoms, and multivend suitable for gents, ladies or both.

image of air fresh unit

image of air fresh unit

Air Fresh

The Hygenie SFX air fresh comes in two sizes – we will recommend the most suitable dispenser for your premises based on the size of washroom. It can cover rooms up to 200m3.

Our service engineer will ensure on installation that the correct programme is specified for your needs.

The unit can be programmed for 5, 6 or 7 operational days per week on 8, 12, 16 or 24 hour operation.

It is available in white, white with chrome insert or black with chrome insert.

Vectair V-Air

If you require a non-aerosol air fresh then the Vectair V-Air is for you.

It operates with no propellants and is a passive air fresh with a range of different fragrances to suit your needs.

Large Area Airfresh – Omniscent

The Omniscent can fragrance up to 500 cubic metres – ideal for hotels, gyms, reception areas or large washroom blocks.

They are serviced monthly and have a selection of available fragrances.

The Hygenie Family Range

We provide a coordinated range of products to match in with your washrooms. This is available in plain white, white chrome and black chrome.

image of washroom services such as fast hand dryer in stainless steel

image of various hygenie washroom services and products