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Clinical Waste Service

Any business producing more than 500kg of hazardous waste has a legal duty to register with the Environment Agency the premises where that waste is produced.

Soft clinical waste from dentists is classed as hazardous and needs to be collected and disposed of by a licensed waste carrier.

Hygenie can help you to make sure you are complying will all relevant legislation including advice on completing an annual pre-acceptance audit.

We will collect and incinerate all hazardous waste, providing you with a consignment on each collection which you will need for your records.

Sharps Disposal

image of a sharps disposal system

At Hygenie, we work to the ‘Safe Management of Healthcare Waste’ (SMHW) guidance published by the Department of Health (2006) which introduced a colour-coded system for the management and disposal of sharps and other healthcare wastes.

  • Orange – sharps not contaminated with any medicinal products

  • Yellow – sharps contaminated with medicinal products

  • Purple – sharps contaminated with ‘cyto’ medicinal products

All units are supplied in various sizes from 0.5 litres to 22 litres.

Pharmi bins designed for the safe collection, transportation and disposal of solid medicinal waste in original packaging ie tablets (not cytotoxic or cytostatic) available in 5 litres and 22 litres.

Dental and X-Ray Package

We offer a range of packages to suit your requirements. Hygenie supplies containers for the following waste:

  • Amalgam capsules/sludge

  • Lead foil

  • Fixer and developer

  • Tooth boxes

  • Gypsum container

The collection frequency can be tailored to match your requirements.

Hygenie also supplies a large range of washroom services and consumables suited to practice toilets and waiting areas including: