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Hygenie offer personalised care home services to suit your needs. With a wide array of products to provide, we can meet your requirements


Incontinence Waste

We provide a tailored solution to collecting your non-infectious waste. Our sales adviser will visit your premises and work out the best collection schedule to suit you.

The wheelie bins we supply come with braked wheels and lockable lids for secure storage. We also supply free of charge fully compliant waste bags.

image of bambina nappy bin

Medical Waste/Sharps

We provide sharps bins that fully comply with current legislation and safe management of healthcare waste guidance.

We also offer soft clinical waste bags for waste such as surgical dressings, swabs, gloves, gowns or other soft items. We provide either a sack holder or medical unit to put the bag in then an external wheelie bin for us to service at agreed frequencies.

Air Steril Units

image of air steril unit

Air Steril has installed units in hundreds of homes in the UK.

There are a number of different units within the range. The normal installation will include units for use in the reception, residents’ lounge, dining room and one of the units can also be used in residents’ rooms.

They are particularly successful in specialist dementia care units to help cope with the problem of urine and resulting odours.

Even with the strictest hygiene routine, it is impossible to remove these odours. In tests with the Health Protection Agency at the Government testing labs in Porton Down, Air Steril killed 98% of airborne bacteria.

Hand Sanitiser Units

Bacteria is a major cause for virtually all respiratory and gastrointenstinal illnesses.

In order to maintain a healthy immune system, it is vital to limit the amount of known harmful bacteria in your environment.

Hand sanitisers are an effective way to clean your hands without the need for soap and water. Hygenie hand sanitisers are provided in the three colour ranges white, designer and chrome and are effective at killing 99% of germs in just 15 seconds.

Soap Dispensers


FACT – regular hand washing can decrease bacteria on hands by up to 50%

The soap dispensers that Hygenie provides include:

Classic Soap Dispenser

  • Wall mounted luxury foaming soap in an 800ml 2,000 dose cartridge.

  • Available as antibacterial.

  • Available in white, satin chrome or bright chrome.

Auto Soap


  • The autosoap dispensers provide an ultra hygienic solution for handwashing.

  • The infrared technology gives a fast dose delivery for a fantastic no-touch soap dispensing experience.

  • Available with liquid or foaming soap.

  • Available in white, satin chrome or bright chrome.

Hygenie SFX Soap Dispenser

  • To match our sfx range we offer our sfx soap dispenser available in a luxury foaming soap in the three colour finishes.

  • Choice of Luxury or antibacterial.

Engineering Soap

  • For industrial environments we supply an Industrial hand cleaner which is solvent free and removes oils greases and other medium to hard soiling.

image of air fresh unit

image of air fresh unit

Air Fresh

The Hygenie SFX air fresh comes in two sizes – we will recommend the most suitable dispenser for your premises based on the size of washroom. It can cover rooms up to 200m3.

Our service engineer will ensure on installation that the correct programme is specified for your needs.

The unit can be programmed for 5, 6 or 7 operational days per week on 8, 12, 16 or 24 hour operation.

It is available in white, white with chrome insert or black with chrome insert.

Vectair V-Air

If you require a non-aerosol air fresh then the Vectair V-Air is for you.

It operates with no propellants and is a passive air fresh with a range of different fragrances to suit your needs.